frog-totem-avon(originally posted August 13, 2016)
In parts of South America, the frog is a strong and sacred symbol of wealth and abundance. When I was in Peru, I was given a small totem frog with a horseshoe and money around its neck…it still sits on my altar of treasures from my travels and spiritual adventures. This morning I had another spiritual adventure that I just have to share because it is such a mystery… or is it?

I was in the middle of the morning feeding frenzy of house pets when I spotted a dark blob in the water bowl. Uck, what is that? I picked it up to toss outside only to come nose to nose with a frog. You know how the brain goes hunting for answers when you come upon a mystery? How in the world did a frog get into the house? He wasn’t tiny, he was medium size with beautiful green and black spots. He wasn’t even that concerned when I picked him up to take outside. When I set him down, the cats were on board for a game of chase so I again picked him up and again set him (or her) down in the tall grass of an old flowerbed.

The weather has been very dry and I reflected on the prayers I have been saying, asking for rain and relief for our farmers and grasslands. I thought about how nature always seeks harmony and balance and wondered how my crispy pastures were a part of that balance. The weatherman had just announced continued high temps, warm winds and not a trace of moisture in the week to come. I looked up at the morning sun and the blue cloudless sky and renewed my rain conversation with the Creator, the Thunder Beings and all “The Kingdoms” that care for our thirsty landscape.

Wet noses and fluffy tails are demanding my continued attention; so back in the house I was filling dishes and soothing impatient cries when I looked down and there was the frog, by the water dish again and not in the least bothered by me or the four-leggeds. My brain starts the whirling thing again and then I stop… this is a message… time to listen. I took my new friend to a nearby wetland area and sat down to be quiet with him. He sat in my hand and refused to budge when I offered freedom and cattails. My excited pup finally launched him into the water.

According to “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams, the Native understanding of “frog” is also sacred. Frogs sing the songs that bring the rain and many other blessings related to water. When I came back into the house I went looking for Frog again, as though I expected to see him a third time…I have no explanation for that state of mind except that I felt regret that he was gone and we would not get another chance to chat.

It was about two in the afternoon when I saw the clouds gathering over the mountain. Rain!? It rained for about an hour that day and we have had rain, thunder, lightning and glorious rainbows every day since.

Thank you Frog.

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