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A friendly welcome from one of our buffalo companions.

Collaboration with Nature is in the news. How to collaborate with Nature is a diverse conversation. Since I live surrounded by Nature, here on the ranch, I often ask Nature, “please let me really know you, hear what you have to say and learn to walk in harmony with you.” I know that Nature does speak, does share wisdom, guidance and assistance – if I will simply listen. Yes, I want to use this interaction to care for and sustain all the animals and life here. Yet, the bigger reason I now listen with such reverence and intent is to ‘know myself,’ who I am and the part I play in the world around me. I cannot be separated out, described or known without a knowledge of Nature and how Nature works. I know I am inextricably intertwined and subject to the laws of Nature, I am Nature.

The great joy of collaborating with Nature is THAT WE CAN! I often feel incredibly powerful and incredibly small at the same time. I am always touched with awe and a reverence, as if my life was happening in a church. I feel the need to whisper and then break out in song with Hallelujah! Sometimes I am there on bended knee to ask for support, resolution and solution. What I know for sure is that I am never alone.

My blog stories will be about animals, the horses, buffalo, pets, people, the four-leggeds and the two-leggeds, the winged ones and our experiences together in this ‘Natural’ habitat we call home. Thank you for joining me on this magical, mystical, living journey.
– Tanah W

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