How It All Began

Mother's Day | A Voice of Nature(originally posted May 8, 2016)
A VOICE OF NATURE is a heartfelt outpouring of stories, events and wisdoms from a herd of buffalo that live in the Pryor Mountains of Montana.  I can hardly say that I raise these magnificent “Wisdom Keepers” for it is clear to me now that they have been raising me.  I often refer to them as ‘mystics in furry bodies’ or ‘land dolphins.’  At their request and with the help of many who have opened these airways to the world, I am excited to share with you their amazing messages and stories.

My name is Tanah.  I am of Native American and European descent. Twenty years ago, I had a vision while standing under the mounted head of a buffalo that I saw when I entered a store.  I felt sad and sent blessings to the spirit of this animal. His eyes followed me as I moved. Then, as if a projector went off in my head, I was watching a film of two baby buffalo standing there staring back at me.  The voice over was saying,” Bring back the buffalo.”

Yes, I had land but I knew not one thing about raising buffalo and fiercely refused.  This dialogue continued until a sales lady who had been watching me for several minutes approached and asked if everything was all right. Snapping out of my revelry, I quickly retreated, shaken but unmoved. Like a pink elephant this conversation followed me everywhere until I finally shared it with a friend.  It was now December; I had my hands full of life in general; and had let my buffalo vision go.  On December 25th I opened a card and out fell a photo of three orphan buffalo that had been purchased and gifted to me…by my friend.  Thus it all began.  My life was completely changed. I was entering a land I never suspected, expected or dreamt of.

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