Why They Are Here

Junior on the Mountain | A Voice of Nature(originally posted June 9, 2016)
One does not raise buffalo, they raise you. Not unlike any University of Life, one can listen and learn or be carried by fear of the unknown and refuse the potential offered. I started with the latter, suffered the lessons, and left with no other option I relinquished into the world of love, wisdom and collaboration.

Leaving behind New York and a career in design, returning to my family home in Montana was a quantum leap. Accepting the mantle of bringing Buffalo back to their Native landscape forever changed my perceptions, my beliefs and my broken, confused heart. I live with Buffalo, I walk with them, I listen to them and now I share those experiences. But more important, at their behest, I give voice to their wisdom, their messages of honor, respect, collaboration and love for all life, the way to reap rewards, face storms and enjoy this journey called Life!

I asked the Buffalo when they first arrived, why they came here, why me? They replied, “We are the Ancient Ones who have returned for our People, ALL PEOPLE. Once we filled their bellies, sheltered their bodies and taught their Spirts. WE HAVE RETURNED.”

I have straddled the abyss between my Native roots walk and my Caucasian professional life only to step off the edge and realize there is no separation, no distance, only connection and the powerful gift of allowance and acceptance.

The Buffalo are here to nurture our bodies, change our minds and show us how to walk this good earth with joy, collaboration and respect.

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