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These two beauties, born out of season, so young to face a harsh winter, touched many and seem to continue to talk to me. I realized that one birth is special and two seemed even MORE special. I began to think of life from their view. They experience everything in the moment, their mothers touch, the warmth of the sun and joy of romping and playing with each other. They do not, nor will ever know how to hate, judge their peers, compare or resent their circumstances. They live and breathe only to be all they are, who they are and why they are. All of their energy is poured into their life purpose.

When the first buffalo were delivered here to the ranch (a gift from supporters) I asked them, “Why are you here?” they answered:
“We are the Ancient Ones who have returned for our People, All People.
Once we filled their bellies, sheltered their bodies and taught their spirits….WE HAVE RETURNED!”

This continues to touch my soul, guide my spirit and ask if I am that supportive of my herd, my people, my world.

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  1. Gitte Reply

    Beautiful! Thank you for the Work and the Guidance.. to you, Tanah, and all our Buffalo relatives… Humbly.. Thank You..!!! <3

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