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I used to wonder exactly what that meant, often frustrated when it was the answer to a perplexing problem I asked about.

I was walking across the meadow of our encampment, upset and rudderless about a situation. The conversation in my head became two voices. Surprised and hopeful for a solution I listened.

“You know how you love ‘Bear’ (my beloved dog). He can do no wrong in your eyes, has never and is wisdom walking, perfect in every way. (I agreed heartily). That is seeing him through the eyes of a ‘mother’. Mothers see with love and compassion, loving first, without judgement. When you can see the world through those eyes, you are standing in your power.”

I felt a wave of heat go through me and realized how culpable I was. I felt the truth of it, the enormity of it, the power of it. Twenty some years later I can still remember this moment so clearly. When I can see ‘through the eyes of a mother’ FIRST, solution and resolution follow. Though still a student of this practice, it has never failed me. Letting go of judgement, understanding the unconditionality and power of love is my journey and quest.

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