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We are Nature Podcast | A Voice of NatureThe podcast is a series of dialogues with global thought leaders, authors, entrepreneurs and modern mystics exploring the art and science of storymaking. Over the next 12 months we will cover the dynamics of personal, communal and global change through our series of ME, WE and US.

Season 2 – WE
Season 2 moves from ME to WE – Stories, tools and techniques for creating authentic relationships and interconnected communities with the human and more than human world.

Episode 2 (33 mins) – We Are Nature
“We share our DNA with the plants, the animals and all of life on earth”

In the second episode of Season 2, Genevieve, dialogues with Founder of Sacred Ground International, Eco-rancher, and Owner/Designer of Native Vogue, Tanah Whitemore.
In this episode Genevieve and Tanah explore –

  • Why we run to NATURE to HEAL and WHOLE ourselves
  • How we share our DNA with NATURE
  • How our MOLECULES communicate with EVERY MOLECULE in existence
  • Transforming our inner VICTIM into our outer CREATOR
  • AS WE SAY, SO IT IS as a command to our molecules
  • Why we have ABSOLUTE POWER over the EXPERIENCES and STORIES of our lives
  • Finding SACRED GROUND in every place and every time

Credits: Originally posted on Beyond Human Stories

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