Prayer Answered or Coincidence?

Prayer or Coincidence | A Voice of NatureI had been out trying unsuccessfully to ram through the giant drifts that once again rendered me ‘snowed in’ this winter. What a powerful winter this has been! I texted my neighbor Star to see how she was faring. She and Russ, another neighbor were watching buffalo run across another neighbors wheat field! My buffalo. It is an incredibly powerless feeling for me. They must be stopped, put back and the fence mended as soon as possible. I’m responsible! Outside my high buffalo fence they can move freely and have been known to cover great distances much to the chagrin of many. There was no physical way for me to respond.

The only thing I knew to ‘do’ was send prayers and pictures to the buffalo asking them to stay put or go back the way they came out. It has been shown buffalo respond to telepathy (prayers and messages) and pictures. I was so excited when I learned this at a National Bison Association conference years ago as it affirmed what we had been experiencing. Well, pray I did! Next, I knew I had to let it go and know that everything and one would be okay, it would work out somehow.

Three or four hours later Russ called. A horrible sense of dread popped up as I waited to hear the news. He let me know he and his ranch hands were able to get to the buffalo and put them back into our home pasture. They were home safe. My joy and gratitude was overwhelming and I said so. I also immediately noted how ready I had been to think the worst. Where was my faith in the very things we teach here?

The snow is now melting rapidly and my associates will be out this weekend for a fencing party. Oh, that I may live and trust the loving support that is always there when I do!

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