Bear Medicine

(originally posted July 22, 2016)
Yesterday, I was in the yard with the dogs when Solo suddenly took off yowling and barking at the top of his lungs. This, I know, means we have a serious intruder nearby. I ran and looked up to see a yearling bear cub climbing for safety up an old cottonwood. I pulled the dogs into the house, grabbed my camera and went to investigate keeping a watchful eye for an adult or Mother bear companion to our visitor. I stood watching the antics of this little fellow as he yawned, chewed on a branch stump and at one point looked like he might take a nap.

Pups and Bear | A Voice of NatureI know Bear Medicine is strong and searched the quiet for his message. There is a Native story about how Bear came to a village of people and stole their children, taking them high into the mountains. Bear taught the children about the healing plants, their medicine and shared the healing ways of Nature. Bear then returned the children to the people and asked that they share these wisdoms with all the villages. This was a great and loving gift from Bear and since then, Bear has always been a symbol of healing and our Oneness with Nature.

My heart has been heavy recently with all the news of shootings, death, riots and so much pain. I knew the ‘child bear’ had come to comfort me but also to remind me. This did not happen to others; it happened to me and all the members of our global village. We are not separate from each other and need and rely on the health of every one for the health of the whole. Bear stayed and helped me find the way to remembering the healing power of caring for one another, acknowledging each member of our village, our family and most of all I must heal myself so I can be strong and true in my desire to uplift and comfort others. It is impossible to be alone in anything but it is easy to forget this when overwhelmed with pain and disappointment… Creator, assist us to remember we are family and we have the ability to heal all things.

Aho (thank you)

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